Coronavirus (Covid-19) Survival Top 20 Tips

Just Updated From Earlier Version Top 20 Tips To Beat Coronavirus AKA Covid-19

First off where the name coronavirus come from, because end of virus cell  have crowns (Corona) on end of spikes, and discover in 2019.

One would wonder if Coronavirus is a action from GOD to wake up humanity. Case and point people who have to slave at a jobs in U.S. all day, not able to leave work to take care of their family. Now all of sudden companies nation wide are willing to give people paid leave. Case 2: We have a President don’t believe in scientist data on Climate Change. Now is force to listen to scientist on convid-19 global pandemic.

Quickly Here’s 20 Things You Should Pass On:

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HOW BAD IS IT – Definition of pandemic : an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population : a pandemic outbreak of a disease.

Italy shutting the whole country even, except food stores and pharmacies.
This video shows how lighting FAST Coronavirus Spreads

Experts also think Covid-19 is more contagious than the ordinary flu
And Fatality rate many times more that seasonal flu.

Flu Mortality rate 0.1 % coronavirus is 10 times that, QOUTE: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious

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The latest global death rate for the novel coronavirus is 3.4 percent – higher than earlier figures of about 2 percent.

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The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year. SOURCES: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: “Common Cold.”

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Avoid Smoking cigarette save your health & money. Vaping is the absolute worst thing you can do any time any where. Since the virus gets into your lungs and block your breathing, this is how it kills. I’m hunted every time I hear that word vap. True story an healthily 18 year old boy vaping less than 2 years, on his death bed, doctors said he had the lungs of an 80 year old from vaping.

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Last Check 3-13-20
USA have 1,390 with Coronavirus New Cases, 184 — Death 41 Recovered 31 —- Active Case 1,809 — Serious Critical 10

Coronavirus Daily Cases COUNT – Meter

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How Coronavirus KILLS PEOPLE -How Scientists Believe the Coronavirus is Spread.

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9 CHARTS that explain the coronavirus pandemic.

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Inside the Desperate Search For a Vaccine

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By the way seniors and people with pre-existing health condition are most at risk to catch coronavirus because, generally there immune is not as strong as children. So boast your immune system like a mad person, with the advice of medical professional, oh and don’t forget to get a flu shot.

Fight Depression bad for your immune system. Strong immune protect you from getting sick. colds and flus. Try turmeric help with depression, plus many other health benefits. Don’ts for get Multiple-vitamins, Vitamin C. D, & E. and fish oil from your favorite health store, can’t go wrong with Swanson Vitamins on quality and price, that’s what you get can from a family own company.

Tumeric has been proven to be more powerful than Prozac.

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Covid19 Symptoms: Fever, cough, body aches, fatigue; sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. Can be mild or severe, even fatal in rare cases.
Can result in pneumonia. The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.*

Coronavirus patients shows symptoms after an average of five days, according to a study by public health scientists that says a quarantine period of 14 days is “reasonable.”

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How the government, getting in the way of available test kit Awaiting FDA Approval | MSNBC

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15 Foods That Boost the Immune System Citrus Fruits Vitamin C. Vitamin C is thought to increase the production of white blood cells. These are key to fighting infections.

Bell peppers
Green tea
Sunflower seeds

HOW TO BOOST IMMUNITY – How to boost Immune Power Naturally

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Too much sugar can wreck your immune system, what ever you do educate yourself on substitute sugars, THE WORST THING….REMEMBER, avoid Sweet & Low like your life depend on it, this crap have aspartame (poison) trust me, i am Dr 2Cents. ☺

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Coronavirus is like the flu on steroid, so less hope coronavirus will end like Flu season…flu typically last falls sometime between the start of fall and the end of spring. For the past three decades, flu activity has peaked at some point between the months of October and February but always tapers off by April.

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FAQ – From USA Today. 
How long does the virus live on an object like a dollar bill?
– John from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Depending on the type of surface, the virus can stay on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days, according to the WHO. A recent study by scientists in the U.S. found that viable virus could be detected up to three hours later in the air, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

Can someone spread the virus without symptoms?
– Leo from Indianapolis, Indiana

Yes, some spread might be possible before people show symptoms, according to the CDC. However, people are most contagious when they are most symptomatic.

Can someone get the coronavirus more than once?
– Randi from Arizona

A protective antibody is generated in those who are infected. “However, in certain individuals, the antibody cannot last that long. For many patients who have been cured, there is a likelihood of relapse,” said Li QinGyuan, director of pneumonia prevention and treatment at China Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing.

Poland agreed, saying the chance of reinfection is “very likely.”

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Face mask is a false since of security, don’t work well unless it has a good seal. Some people use tape, to close gaps, it has been recommend to use mask once than toss the same can be say with rubber gloves. Face mask are mainly design for health professional to protect the patient from medical personnel, because they go from patient to patient this can spread infection unnecessary .

But do wash hand for minimum 20 second, through out day, avoid touching your face and others people. And Hand sanitizer requires at least 60% alcohol content (most contain 60-95% to work.

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Our gut microbiota contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including at least 1000 different species of known bacteria with more than 3 million genes (150 times more than human genes).

The food we eat plays an essential role in maintaining the diversity and proper functioning of our gut microbiota. Notice I didn’t say fast-food.

Prebiotics and probiotics are two of the most widely studied elements in the field of gut microbiota. Both have effects that are considered beneficial for the gut microbiota which impacts various functions of the body such as the digestive condition, for this reason, specialists highlight the importance of including both of them in our diet, in order to promote a healthy microbiota.

The concept of the prebiotics, sometimes called fermentable fibre.

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Try to keep  at least 6 feet apart from other people in general public. If you have to cough use inside of your elbow, careful not to use your hands, safest greeting is a head node.

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Beware if coronavirus news can be lace with political agenda. Listen to the medical experts, your doctor. Dr, OZ, CDC.Gov,Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIH’s National Institute not the Whitehouse trying to manipulate the stock market.

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Avoid using Coronavirus as an excuse to hate all Chinese people just because it started in china. Its simply no-one fault, It’s just tragedy mistake. Scientist believe this all started when bat bit a rat in a wet market in China, then the disease jump from animal to a human.

Matthew 7:12 – “Do unto others what you would have them do to you.

Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27 – “…Love your neighbor as you yourself…”

The Chinese have great contributions to civilization, most people are not aware of

They invented Paper. Today, can we imagine life without a paper?
We would still be living like caveman & cavewoman, many medical discovery or invention would not exist.

Oh what about TEA, you can thank the Chinese. How about the remarkable inventions of China s Printing. Bi Sheng invented this for the first time in 1040 AD which was made of baked clay. In around 13th century,

Wang Zhen made the movable type made of wood and then in the 14th century Hua Sui invented the metal movable type. It is this effort of China which is helping us today to produce, exchange, and share the information in the most effective way. There is much more, and I haven’t even mention Chinese food.

So be smart, use extreme common sense. Education thy neighbor, our children most of all visit seniors who are lonely and vulnerable since they have a higher mortality rate. Be safe and spread some love tag your’re it.

Gene Mills
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